Song (Greek): Του λιβυκού το πέλαγος – Τhe Libyan Sea

Του λιβυκού το πέλαγος – Τhe Libyan Sea (Click here to listen)

Arguably one of the most beautiful Cretan songs. Deftly performed by Kostas Avissinos and his musicians on the album that carries the same name as the song (For the album click here: LYRA 3401179). Senih Ündeğer plays a magic prelude with his oriental lute (Ar. العود). An instrument that can be found on many Cretan arrangements in absence or together with the Cretan lyra which is the main instrument of traditional Cretan music.

Like in many songs from the island of Crete the sea plays a preponderant role as a whimsical, dangerous and cruel symbol of unrequited love. In this case waves (of the Libyan sea south of Crete) are employed as bringers of sorrow and pain. In the second quatrain these waves are being personified as the beloved one that does not love the lyrical I but only play with her/him and leave bitterness. In the last stanza the lyrical I calls upon the south wind to bring a wave that she/ he may give to her/his dreams as present. This wave shall take her/ his dreams with it and break them in two again.


G. Abussinos and me in his house in Skalani, Heraklion G. Abussinos and me in his house in Skalani, Heraklion, Crete


Συνθέτης: Δημήτρης Αποστολάκης
Ερμηνευτές: Κωστής Αβυσσινός (μπουλγαρί, λαούτο, μαντολίνο, φωνή)
Δημήτρης Αποστολάκης, Senih Ündeğer (λαούτο)

Στου Λιβυκού το Πέλαγος
ποτέ μην αρμενίσεις
κι έχει το κύμα του καημό
και θα βαροκαρδίσεις

πέλαγος με τόσα ντέρτια ωχ αμάν ‘συ με γέμισες σεκλέτια γκελ αμάν

κυμά που δεν μ’ αγάπησες
μόνο ‘παιξες μαζί μου
κ’άφησες πικρά στην ψυχή
κ’αρμυρά στο κορμί μου

πελαγός πικρό και μαύρο ωχ αμάν την αγάπη μου που να ‘βρω γκελ αμαν

φύσηξε αγέρι του νοτιά
το κύμα στ’ ακρογιάλι
να του χαρίσω τ’ όνειρο
κι ας το τσακίσει παλι

βρήκα ψάχνοντας εσένα ωχ αμάν ακρογυαλιά μαγεμένα γκελ αμαν




The Libyan Sea

The Libyan Sea
Do never sail
Its waves hold grief
that weigh on your heart

Oh, sea with so many sorrows. Dear me! You filled my heard with pain. Dear me!

Wave, you never loved me
You only played with me
You left bitterness in my heart
and bitter salt in my bones

Oh, sea, bitter and black. Dear me! (Tell me) where shall I find my love.

Blow, wind of the south
Bring a wave to the shore
I may entrust my dreams with
and have it break them in two again

I searched and searched and found you. Dear me! Oh, you accurst shore!

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