Article (French): How to tell an Arab tale … Comment narre-t-on un ḫabar? Le narrateur dans les récits de la littérature d‘adab

In this article based on structuralism and post-structuralism narrative approaches laid out by Gerard Genette and Boris Uspensky among others I examine modal features of adab narrations in the 4th/10th century. Taking into consideration distinctive features of adab-literature, I explore such narration fundamentals as voice and focalisation.  

It is of particular interest to notice the high rate of changes in narrative voice (Transvocalisation) instead of alternating focalisation (Transfocalisation).

The article concludes with an analysis of focalisation types – it is remarkable that zero-focalisation in homodiegetic voice is the standard narrative mode that effectively governs the other two types: external and internal focalisation. 

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Keywords: narrative theory, narration, focalisation, voice, narrator, Genette, structuralism, adab

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