Article: The man who introduced Turkish literature to Greece in the 1930s: Avraam Papazoglou

edeb!yat 32, March/ April 2012

edeb!yat 32, March/ April 2012

In the March/April edition of the Turkish literary magazine edeb!yat (pp. 110-114) I write about an unduly long-forgotten Istanbulian critc, translator, essayist, editor and writer, Avraam Papazoglou (1910-1941). Part of the article has been published online by (see here)

Despite his early death Papazoglou constitutively shaped the cultural dialogue between Turkey and Greece. As he commented periodically throughout the 1930s on ongoing developments such as the language reform (Tr. dil devrimi) and the ‘village institutes’ (Tr. Köy Enstitüleri) his work reads as a fascinatingly fresh and concise diary of the early years of the Turkish Republic.
He also wrote many thoroughly researched book and theatre reviews on Turkish literary works which comes as a surprise as most of these works have not been translated into Greek until today.

Currently I work on a monograph on this eminent intellectual which will be made up of a biography, a reconstructon of his circle of friends and colleagues, and a detailed discussion and interpretation of his Greek essays and reviews he published in magazines such as Νέα Εστία and Πάλμος.

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