Anna-Lindh-Foundation Steering Committee Meeting 1-2 June / Collider Translation Forum 3-4 June, Sofia

With Ahmad Mourad (Cairo) and Barbara Skubic (Slovenia) at the Collider Forum, Sofia, 3 June 2017

During the steering committee meeting of the programme “Translation for Dialogue” initiated in 2015 by the Anna-Lindh-Foundation, we discussed with Yana Genova (Next Page Foundation, Sofia), Ahmad al-Attar (director, Studio Emad al-Din, Cairo), Khalid al-Khamissi (novelist, Doum Cultural Foundation, Cairo Library), Chaymaa Ramzy (Anna-Lindh-Foundation), Luis-Miguel Cañada (Escuela de Traductores de Toledo), Maria Pakkala (Helsinki University, translator), Hatem Atallah (Anna-Lindh-Foundation) the creation of an interactive platform for all actors in the translation field in the Euromed region.

As the Anna Lindh Foundation has the strategic intent to invest in building a road map for translation for dialogue, with a focus on advocating for the central role of translation as instrument in the promotion of intercultural dialogue across the Euro Mediterranean region it aims to respond to the current socio cultural challenges affecting the EuroMed region. During the year 2017, the Anna Lindh foundation will consolidate its efforts in creating and launching a permanent interactive platform of translation:

This platform will be a one stop shop for capacity building opportunities, paving the way for partnership and networking among actors in the translation field and also providing space for research and development.

Primarily, it focuses on promoting intercultural dialogue as a primary goal, using innovative technology to reach-out especially for young professionals who translate books and other content in the humanities.

The primary actors, i.e. translators, agencies, publishers, translation schools, national and supranational organizations, workshop providers, awards, residencies, literary festivals and event organizers will have the opportunity to find their possible cooperation partners on this site.

In a dedicated board publishers and other providers will be able to post translation job offers for which translators that are registered on the site can apply. Similarly, these translators will be given the opportunity to suggest works themselves they deem worthy of translation which can be picked up by interested publishers and agencies etc.

Also, the interactive platform will provide a searchable database with career building opportunities, grants and resources for translators according to their country of residence and their qualification level.

These are only some of the features that will be provided by the site, other sections include original articles on translation matters as well as book reviews and guidelines or recommendations for good practices in the translation field that will contribute to establish overall standards valid for all actors over the Euromed region.

One of the most important aspects of this platform in my view is the role that it will play in terms of advocacy for translators as they are the weakest link in the translation chain.

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